Board of Trustees

The AFS International Board of Trustees, a diverse group representing over a dozen countries, works in conjunction with our Partners and volunteers worldwide to realize our goal of providing the world’s youth with secure avenues of intercultural exchange.

Christian Werle

Vienna, Austria
Founding Partner
ConnexxionS Ltd.


Dr. Vishaka N. Desai

New York, USA
Senior Advisor for Global Affairs to the President of Columbia University, Senior Research Scholar at the School of International and Public Affairs, President Emerita of the Asia Society


J. Brian Atwood

Massachusetts, USA
Senior Fellow at the Watson Institute, Brown University, Former Dean & Chair of Global Studies at the University of Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs and Professor Emeritus. Non-resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution


Maureen Erasmus

London, United Kingdom
Advisory Partner, Bain & Company


Amalie Ferdinand

Copenhagen, Denmark
Consultant, Federation of Public Workers Union


Elisabeth Hardt

Brussels, Belgium and Italy
Freelance Consultant


Dede Huang

Hong Kong, S.A.R.
Director of Development, Chinese International School


Marco Magnani

Massachusetts, USA and Milano, Italy
Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government


William (Bill) Meserve

Massachusetts, USA
Retired Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP


Don Mohanlal

New York & Maryland, USA
President & Chief Executive Officer, The Synergos Institute. Vice Chair, Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation, New Delhi, India


Dr. Vincenzo Morlini

New York, USA (ex officio) 
President and Chief Executive Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.


Ernesto Rey Moreno

Bogotá, Colombia
Founder & CEO, Empresas REYMORENO


Reg Smith

Melbourne, Australia
Business Consultant, ER Solutions Pty Ltd


Ragnar Thorvardarson

Reykjavik, Iceland
Specialist at Directorate for International and Security Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

Life Trustees


Ward Chamberlin, Jr.

Massachusetts, USA
Vice President and Managing Director, Channel Thirteen/WNET, New York President, Chamberlin Associates (retired), World War II AFS ambulance driver


Dr. Richard M. Hunt

Massachusetts, USA
The University Marshal, Harvard University (retired), World War II AFS ambulance driver


Sachiye Kuwamoto

California, USA
Regional Director, Central California, Japanese-American Citizens League (retired)


Edwin R. Masback, Jr.

New York, USA
President, Masback Hardware Company (retired), World War II AFS ambulance driver

AFS Partner Director Representatives

The AFS Partner Director Representatives, works in conjunction with our Board of Trustees and AFS Volunteers worldwide to realize our goal of providing the world’s youth with secure avenues of intercultural exchange.

Simone Caporali

Partner Director, Italy


Jorge Castro

Partner Director, USA


Sherifa Fayez

Partner Director, Egypt


Andreza Martins

Partner Director, Brazil


Marit Gronskei

Partner Director, Norway


Pablo Viñas

Partner Director, Dominican Republic


AFS Educational Advisory Council

Melissa Liles (Chair), New York, USA Chief Education Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs

Milton J. Bennett, Ph.D. Oregon, USA and Milan, Italy Executive Director, The Intercultural Development Research Institute

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolten, Jena, Germany Professor of Intercultural Business Communication, Universität Jena

Dr. Darla Deardorff, North Carolina, USA Executive Director Association of International Education Administrators and Research Scholar Program in Education, Duke University

Dr. Gunther Dietz, Veracruz, Mexico Secretary General, International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) and Director & Research Professor in Intercultural Education Universidad Veracruzana, Instituto de Investigaciones en Educación


Bruce La Brack, Ph.D., California, USA Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and International Studies, School of International Studies, University of the Pacific

Dr. Roberto Ruffino, Colle di val d’Elsa, Italy Secretary General, Fondazione Intercultura

Kumiko Torikai, Ph.D., Tokyo, Japan Professor, Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University

Michael (Mick) Vande Berg, Ph.D., Maine, USA Principal, MVB Associates

Professor Nagesh Rao, Ahmedabad, India President & Director, MICA Institute of Strategic Marketing and Communication

Mitchell R. Hammer (Special Advisor), Ph.D. Maryland, USA President, IDI, LLC and Hammer Consulting, LLC


AFS Staff supports our volunteers, and enable exchanges to succeed by working together to ensure that the highest quality experiences are afforded to all participants and host families. The staff at AFS International provide worldwide support, quality control and development of the more than 50 AFS Partners across the globe.

Executive Team


Dr. Vincenzo Morlini ??

President and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Urs-Rainer von Arx ??

Vice President and Chief Operations and Financial Officer


Hal Denton ??

General Counsel and Chief Risk Management Officer


Melissa Liles ??

Chief Education Officer


Lucas Welter ??

Chief Organization Development Officer

AFS International Team

Andrea Kammerer ??
Senior Analyst, Management Information

Anna Treyer-Simakova ??
International Events and Project Manager

Bert Vercamer ??
Sentio General Manager

Bryan Valerio-Perdomo ??
Accounting Clerk

Christine Leimgruber ??
Consultant, Programs 

Cristina Mateo ??
Coordinator, Accounting and Budget

David Blythe ??
Manager, Program Policy and Support

Ebbe Skovdal ??
Corporate Secretary

Eduardo Assed ??
Senior Consultant, Associate Development and Partner Recovery

Efrem Fisher ??
Interim Director, Program Services and Development

Elis Motta ??
Consultant, Organization Development

Esteban Araya-Santiago ??
Multimedia Communication and Design Specialist

Eva Vitkova ??
Consultant, Intercultural Learning and Educator Relations

Fabricia Manoel ??
Consultant, Organization Development and AFS World Café

Genesis Tavarez ??

Hazar Yildirim ??
Manager, Education Content and Communications

Hristo Banov ??
Manager, Management Information

Indre Salciute ??
Senior Analyst, Management Information

Katharine Sanders ??
Manager, Membership and Programs 

Larry Barnett ??
Director, Risk and Crisis Management

Lingram Zhou ??
Alumni, Support and Administrator

Magnus-Andreas Aase ??
Consultant, AFS World Café

Maria Grazia Brizi ??
Manager, Network Administration and Assistant General Counsel

Marika Strauss ??
Organization Development Coordinator

Marcela Lapertosa ??
Interim Director of Education and Intercultural Learning

Milena Miladinovic ??
Consultant, Senior Writer & Social Marketing Specialist

Monica Our ??
Manager, Budget and Network Finances

Nick Cooper ??
Manager, Network ICT

Nicole Milano ??
Head Archivist and Historical Publications Editor

Paul Gamner ??
Assistant to the President 

Raquel Martinez ??
Creative Director

Sarah Collins ??
Manager, Learning Program

Sheryl Tucker ??
Director, Marketing and Communications

Shiree Pointer ??
Manager, Program Growth and Quality Support

Stijn Van den Bergh ??
Coordinator, ICT Support and Training

Tim Murray ??
Director, Finance and Administration

Meet our fab interns & fellows


Elena Abou Mrad ??

« My fellowship in the AFS Archives means being constantly in touch with the documents, artifacts, and photographs from the history of AFS, and especially with the great people that shaped this organization and made it grow. This is why I feel honored to focus on the processing and preservation of Arthur Howe Jr.’s collection during my fellowship. Art was a World War II volunteer, former president, and Life Trustee of AFS. In addition to that, working at AFS International gives me the opportunity to experience the contact with other cultures and languages, starting from the office! As a comparative literature graduate, I find it really inspiring. »


Jacob Zaborowski ??

« I am currently interning in the AFS Archives in conjunction with the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation master’s program at New York University. I am surveying the sizable moving image collection (including film reels, audio cassettes, and VHS tapes, among other forms of media) dating back to World War I. In my short time here, I have been gaining insight and experience as to how to support a non-profit institution by helping to preserve its historic media holdings for posterity, as well as to the benefit of AFSers around the world. »


Mardon Akhmedov ??

« I am about halfway through my internship at AFS Intercultural Programs. I am improving my technical skills and learning new things about programming while developing a new customer-facing website platform that helps connect members to an online archive of information. I’m also having unforgettable experiences, like our wonderful staff retreat. We spent a day together playing interesting team games like “Escape the Room. » We also made pizza. I never thought making pizza was such fun. At the end of the day we practiced Tai Chi. I have never done these kinds of activities before, and now they are  interests of mine. 

« I support the AFS Intercultural Link Learning Program—an AFS network-wide intercultural training and assessment program designed to improve the collective intercultural competence of volunteers and staff. My tasks involve coordinating assessment and evaluation activities for all Learning Program participants and qualified trainer candidates, assisting in content development and in the planning of in-person workshops across the AFS network. By collaborating with AFS staff and volunteers from around the world, I also get the chance to learn about different cultural settings and enhance my own intercultural competencies. » 

Ana Carolina Cassiano ??

2016 fellow 



Maria Maione ??

“I have been an intern on the Organization and Volunteer Development team for almost five months now, and I am amazed at how much I have grown in such little time! Working in OD at AFS is allowing me to develop a variety of skills including design thinking and customer journey design. Currently, my favorite project is the implementation of the Volunteer Survey & Evaluation, a global survey about the volunteer experience that combines different research methodologies and allows flexibility to suit different cultural needs. Most importantly, AFS is teaching me what it really means to work in a multicultural environment. To be able to exchange ideas with people from different countries and backgrounds on a daily basis is thrilling and mind-opening beyond words.”


Shirra Rockwood

« My internship in the AFS Archives is part of my Masters of Information and Library Science Degree and Advanced Certificate in Archives from the Pratt School of Information. I came to AFS this past January to help preserve important World War II files, and am now excited to work on a series of World War I diaries, which have been recently digitized. The centenary of World War I provides a great opportunity to put these artifacts online, making them accessible to people around the world. The unique insight the diaries give as to the personalities of the volunteers who served with AFS and the experiences they had during the war make them a valuable resource. Personally, it has given me a much greater understanding of the kind of people who volunteered to help others before our country entered the war, what the war was like for those who lived through it, and has inspired me to learn more about the history of a war that I previously didn’t know that much about. »


Doing a fellowship at AFS International has taught me a lot. I am developing new skills like designing projects and creating online learning tools, and improving skills I already have such as event planning and data analysis. Organizing network-wide events helped me learn more about working in different cultural settings and with volunteers and staff members from around the world. Working in such a multicultural environment gives you a lot of learning opportunities.

Sercan Selvi ??

2016 fellow